5 Reasons to Use Glass Partitions in Your Office

While some people enjoy working in open-plan spaces, most offices work better with at least a few partitions to divide up the space. Of course, there are several different partition options available—anything from exposed brick to cheap plasterboard can be used. However, few partition options offer the sheer number of benefits provided by glass partitions. Here are just five reasons why you should consider them.

1. Low Cost

You're probably going to want to keep costs to a minimum when you're fitting out your office, and opting for glass partitions is a good way to go. The glass itself isn't particularly expensive, but it's in terms of labour that you'll save the most. Installing glass partitions takes very little time and very little work—almost no structural changes need to be made. You'll end up with something professional without having to exceed your budget.

2. Flexible Privacy

Sometimes you'll want your office to feel nice and open. Sometimes you'll want certain areas to feel more private. With glass partitions, you can switch between open and private. The glass itself will stay transparent, but you can fit blinds on one side. When you need a certain space cut off from outside view, all it takes is closing the blinds.

3. Maintain Quiet

Glass isn't a particularly thick material, but you'll be stunned just how much noise it cuts down. Glass partitions can be double-glazed, just like the glass in your windows, so it offers excellent sound insulation. Individual spaces can be cut off from outside noise, and just a few partitions across your office can prevent sound bouncing from wall to wall.

4. Enjoy Plenty of Light

People tend to enjoy working in offices that boast plenty of natural light. Unfortunately, most partitions provide natural barriers, leading to lots of shadows and the need for plenty of artificial light. Glass partitions don't present the same issue since they let light stream through while still dividing up your office.

5. Make Your Office Feel Larger

Finally, keep in mind how much larger your office will feel with glass partitions. One of the main reasons people enjoy open-plan offices is because there aren't any visual breaks from wall to wall, which makes an office feel more open and inviting. By using glass partitions, you can replicate that effect. When people stand up and look out across your office, they'll still take in an unbroken view.

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