What You Need to Know About Shower Screens For Your Home’s Bath

A shower screen is a great choice for any bathroom; glass screens can keep a small and dark bathroom from seeming closed-in, and can also reflect light to brighten up the space. Glass screens work with any decor, so you don't need to change the screen when you change the wall's paint colour or any of the other surface materials! When you're thinking about having shower screens installed in your bathroom, note a few common questions and even some misconceptions about these screens, so you know if they're the right choice for your home.

Recycled glass

Glass is very easy to recycle, so if you're somewhat eco-conscious, you may find an installer who offers screens made with recycled or reclaimed glass, keeping that old glass out of landfills. However, don't assume that you can use any sheet of glass or even an old shower screen for your bathroom. Shower screens are typically included in building and safety codes, requiring you to use a certain type of glass for their installation. This will ensure your safety in case you fall against the glass or it gets damaged for any reason. Be sure you talk to an installer about these requirements before you assume you can use just any piece of glass for your bathroom's shower screen.


Never assume that your shower is too small or too awkwardly configured to work for a glass shower screen. Many screens come in standard sizes, but an installer can cut those screens to create smaller panels that fit a small shower, or which can be positioned at different angles to work around a corner shower. If your bathroom has a short ceiling, screens can also typically be cut along the top so they're shorter and fit that cramped space. Rather than assume your shower space is too small or awkward for a screen, speak to an installer about your options.


Keeping a squeegee in the shower to wipe away water may be all that's needed to keep the glass of a shower screen spotless. However, mould may sometimes develop around the frame of the screen, and especially if the bathroom is not properly ventilated or you allow water to collect around that hardware. Some screens will also have a layer of glazing vinyl around them, and bleach or hair dye can discolour and stain this vinyl. Talk to your installer about your shower screen options and how to keep them clean, so you're sure to maintain yours properly.