3 Decorative Door Ideas For Your New Built-In Wardrobes

Built-in wardrobes are considered an essential feature in modern bedroom design. They provide a functional, fuss-free storage place that is appealing to both owners and tenants. If you're remodelling one or more of your home's bedrooms, then you probably understand how important built-in wardrobes are, even if you think they don't make the most attractive or decorative of additions. However, it's possible to have built in wardrobes that are both functional and stylish by using one of these three ideas to liven up your wardrobe doors.

1. Mirrored doors

Mirrored doors on a built in wardrobe work beautifully in a bedroom setting. They increase light and enhance the feeling of spaciousness. For these reasons, they're an excellent choice for a small bedroom where light and space is limited.

Having mirrored wardrobe doors will also mean that you don't need to fit a full-length mirror into another area of your bedroom, which also helps to minimise clutter and maximise floor space.

2. Wallpapered doors

Instead of a stark expanse of neutral space, you can use wallpaper to create a stunning and unique feature in your bedroom. There are an enormous number of different styles of modern wallpaper available, varying in the intricacy of design and vibrancy of the colours.

The wallpaper can be adhered to the wardrobe door panels as easily as they are to a wall. Another benefit of this option is how simple it is to change the whole look of your bedroom in the future by simply adding a new and different wallpaper over the old one.

3. Timber-panelled doors

Timber is always a popular choice in interior design. It adds warmth and natural beauty to a room and works well in any decor from modern through to traditional. The natural grain of timber provides a subtle yet stunning textural feel to a room.

Timber comes in a wide range of shades, from ash blonde through to deep brown. The variety you choose will depend on your personal tastes and which hue works best with the colour palette you've chosen for your bedroom. It's wise to opt for lighter shades in a smaller bedroom because darker timbers may reduce the light and make the room feel even smaller.

If one of these decorative ideas sounds like the perfect choice for your bedroom remodelling project, then contact your local built in wardrobe contractor. They can work with you to ensure that your new wardrobe provides the perfect mix of function and aesthetics.