Ways Electroplating Can Benefit Your Home Restoration Project

When you start a home renovation project, you may not be thinking of electroplating as part of that renovation. The truth is, there are several areas of your home renovation that may seem small,  but with electroplating can transform the total look of the room. Here are a few of those spots and how electroplating can be used in those spots.  Keep in mind, most of these can be done by an electroplating contractor so a consultation may be required to determine what they can do for you and your specific restoration project.

Hardware Restoration

If you are renovating a home that has older hardware on the doors, sinks, and throughout the home then you may find yourself wanting to restore that hardware. In some cases, the hardware may be faded or damaged. An electroplating contractor can restore the hardware with various techniques. You can choose to have the hardware restored to their original plating or you can even choose to have it electroplated in another metal depending on your needs and if you want to stick to the original look of the home and interior.

Kitchen Backsplashes

During a restoration, one area that may be overlooked or difficult to work around is the kitchen. One way you can make the area stand out is by using an electroplated backsplash. The most popular metal electroplating for this project is copper, but you could go with a pewter, brass, or even silver depending on what look you are going for. The electroplating can continue around the kitchen and reach to the fixtures for the sink, handles for towels and doors, and trim around the sink and oven areas as well.

Doorways and Entryways

If you want to upgrade the look of your doorways and entryways to add to the curb appeal of your home, then electroplating may be ideal. You can go with something simple like an electroplated brass kick plate on the door. If you want more than that simple upgrade, you can have electroplating used on the doorknobs, casing for the door, and as decorative art to show your personal design and taste. You can also have electroplating used in the entryway to the home as well as on indoor and outdoor vents and windows.

These are just a few of the ways that you can benefit from electroplating during your home renovation and upgrade project. For more ideas, pricing, and options contact your local electroplating contractor.