3 Design ideas To Make Your New Conservatory A More Beautiful And Comfortable Living Space

Conservatories have been a popular feature in European homes for many years. They provide extra living space while still enabling you to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors. They make a wonderful place to spend time during the colder months when going outside isn't a pleasant option and act as a suntrap to capture the warming rays of the winter sun. Here are three additions you might like to include in your conservatory design to make it a more comfortable and beautiful space.

1. Add window shutters

Although one of the main attractions of a conservatory is the large spans of windows to let in light and warmth and enjoy the view, you may want to include some window coverings. Shutters are an attractive, versatile and practical way to do this.

Shutters allow you to have complete control over light, sunshine and privacy for your conservatory. In the summer months, the sunlight may not be as welcome as during the colder months and shutters can help you to keep the conservatory cooler.

Shutters also allow you to make the conservatory a more private space, particularly during the evening when an illuminated conservatory is highly visible to passers by or neighbours that overlook your home.

2. Add plenty of plants

Conservatories are also commonly known as garden rooms or orangeries. Historically, they were used to house exotic or hot-weather plants that wouldn't thrive in a colder, outdoor environment. Adding plenty of plants also helps to enhance the feeling that your new conservatory is a living space where the indoors and outdoors meet.

Potted trees such as lemons, limes and olives make great additions to a conservatory. You can also add beautiful and aromatic plants such as lilies, orchids and gardenias. Conservatories also make an ideal location for an indoor herb garden that will thrive all year round.

3. Add some floral furnishings

Whether you have a lounge suite, a dining setting or both in your conservatory, you can further develop the garden room feel by including gorgeous floral fabrics into the space. Vintage florals in soft pastels work well if you like a more traditional look. For a brighter and more contemporary look, you can opt for tropical florals or more graphic, edgy floral patterns.

If you already have a lounge or dining setting that is plain and neutral then you can add floral flair with accessories. Sofa cushions, throw rugs, table cloth and napkins can all be added to bring some colour and zest into your conservatory.