3 Easy And Cost-Effective Ways To Give Your Dining Room A Makeover

For people who love family dinners or entertaining guests,  the dining room is probably an important space in your home. If your dining room hasn't been given any attention on the interior design front for a while, then you may be considering giving it a face lift. Even if you don't have a huge budget, it's easy to transform your dining room from dull and dated to attractive and modern with a few simple design ideas. Here are three simple and cost effective ways to give your dining room a fresh new look.

1. Install new blinds

Blinds are a popular choice for window dressing in contemporary interior design. They're sleek, practical and look great in any style of decor. Replacing your existing window dressings with some modern blinds can completely update the look without blowing the budget.

Blinds also provide you with the opportunity to add some colour and flair to an otherwise neutral room. Opt for blinds in a contemporary hue such as yellow, teal or forest green to add a splash of colour to the room. If you'd like to add some pattern and texture, opt for blinds that feature a floral or geometric motif, which will make them an attractive feature as well as a functional item.

2. Revamp your table

The dining table is the centrepiece of a dining room and revamping your existing table can make a massive difference to the overall look of the room. The best part is that this is a really inexpensive project that even a novice at DIY can complete themselves.

The simplest way to revamp a table is to give it a coat of paint. Wood that's painted with block colours is a big trend in interiors right now, with earthy oranges and reds and greens and blues inspired by nature featuring in many modern homes. Before painting your table, remember to thoroughly clean and sand the timber before painting to ensure an even and lasting finish.

3. Update your lighting

Lighting can make an immense difference to the feel of your dining room. Great lighting will help to create a relaxed and ambient atmosphere and will also act as a decorative feature to enhance the overall style of the room.

Pendant lights which are suspended over the dining table in sets of two or three create an intimate and contemporary look. For something with a bit more wow factor, a traditional or contemporary style chandelier can add a sculptural and eye catching feature to your dining space.