Add Some Bling To Your Boudoir With These 4 Metallic Interior Design Ideas

Metallics are a hugely popular look in contemporary interior design. They add some glitz and glamour to a room and create an opulent and dazzling look that livens up the space. If you'd like to introduce some metallics into your bedroom, you may be wondering how to best go about it. Here are four easy and inexpensive ways to add some metallic bling to your boudoir.

1. Metallic blinds

Blinds are a popular choice in the bedroom because they're streamlined, low maintenance and provide plenty of light and privacy control. They're also a great way to introduce some metallic design flair into your bedroom. Instead of plain blinds, opt for a shimmering metallic material. You can also choose blinds that are printed with a metallic motif if you like pattern and texture as well.

2. Metallic feature wall

Metallic paints are now readily available from most paint suppliers and hardware stores. They come in a good variety of different tones, including silver, gold, bronze and copper. Use the metallic paint to create a dazzling feature wall as a backdrop to your bed or another piece of bedroom furniture. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer's guidelines when applying the paint to ensure an even and professional finish.

3. Metallic bed

If your bed is looking a bit tired and dated, then you can transform it with a coat of metallic paint. When painting furniture, make sure that you choose a paint that's designed specifically for this purpose because metallic wall paints won't adhere properly to other surfaces. If your bed is varnished timber or metal, you may need to apply a coat of primer before the metallic paint to prevent flaking, peeling or cracking.

4. Metallic accessories

You may love the idea of metallics in the bedroom but you're a little bit afraid of committing to big changes that are hard to reverse. If so, adding some metallic accessories is a great way to get the look without the commitment. Bedside lamps, mirror frames, picture frames and ceiling lights are all inexpensive accessories that will add metallic sparkle to the room. You can also opt for bedding such as pillow slips, covers, cushions and throw rugs in metallic fabric or with metallic highlights.

Adding some bling to your boudoir is easy with these simple interior design ideas. Try one, two or all of them to get a shiny and contemporary new look for your bedroom.