Increasing Your Home’s Safety and Security With Screens

Safety screens can be installed on your home's windows, so you can keep the windows open during the day without worrying about someone making their way inside the home. They can also be good if you have young, active children or pets who may actually push on window screens, as safety screens are not going to simply pop out of place. However, along with windows and exterior doors, you might consider some areas inside the home that could benefit from the installation of security screens as well.

Around a sunroom

You may not want to block off the view and air circulation to a sunroom with solid wood doors or panels. At the same time, glass doors that need to be opened for maximum air circulation are not a good choice if you have children and pets you want to keep out of that space. Security screens can allow for more airflow from the sunroom, while also blocking the access of children and pets.

Around a workout room

If you have a home gym or workout room, you may not want to completely enclose it with a solid door. This wouldn't allow you to keep an eye on your children while working out, and you may find that the gym gets very warm and stuffy during your workout routine. As with a sunroom, security screens in this area can keep children away from dangerous weights and equipment while allowing you to keep an eye on them in another room. These also allow for maximum airflow and comfort.

Around a home office

As with a workout room, you may not want a solid door on a home office, so you can keep track of your family when working. However, if you keep important paperwork and other such items in the office, you may need some security for the door or entryway. A security screen door can be added in place of a traditional room door, so your space is secure while still being open to the adjoining room or hallway.

Around a fireplace

Many fireplaces will have glass doors that block embers from flying into the room, but you may prefer to hear the crackling fire and get as much warmth from the fire as possible. A separate screen that sits in front of the fireplace may not be very safe for children and pets. A security screen can be fitted inside the hearth of the fireplace, so that it keeps embers inside while allowing you to enjoy the noise from the fireplace, and securing the fire from children and pets.