Create a Warm Cosy Kitchen with Decorative Kitchen Curtains

Whether you have a warm country decor or a more modern design, kitchen curtains can tremendously add to the look and feel of your kitchen. Curtains come in many themes and colours, styles and shapes to fit your window size, decor theme, and personal taste. Curtains make the room pleasing to the eye while also blocking bright sun rays during the heat of the day. They also help block views from the outdoors day or night. Here are tips on choosing the right curtains for your kitchen by material, style, and colours.

Decorate before Choosing Curtains

If you are remodelling your kitchen or re-decorating it with a new theme or colours, be sure to make your curtain selection last. Curtains are meant to complement the room, not become the centrepiece. Think of the styles you want for curtains before decorating, but also consider the expense of your overall remodelling needs. Curtains can be cheap or very expensive depending on the materials and brand name so be sure to fit these into your budget and shop around for bargains on high quality curtains.

Choose Material and Style

Some materials you will find for kitchen curtains or drapes include cotton, silk, lace/sheer, polyester, chenille, embroidery, and vintage/retro. Country curtains usually have two pieces (top valance and bottom piece) and come with many types of prints such as flowers, roosters, cows, butterflies, farm scenes, etc. For a more elegant style, go with silk or lace drapes. Consider sheers with a shade underneath to block the view when needed. Be sure to choose a material that can handle exposure to moisture and grease over periods of time and is washable.

The curtain material should also be fade resistant if it has constant exposure to sunlight during the day. The amount of sun exposure will usually depend on the positioning of the window on your home and whether there is ample shade around the window to block sunlight such as trees or a deck cover near the window.

Easily Accessible

Kitchen curtains should be easy to pull back or tie up when you want to allow the sunlight or fresh air in or when you need to watch the kids playing in the yard while cooking or cleaning. Use curtain rods that can easily be removed when you need to take the curtains down for washing. A metal or wooden pole hung by a rod pocket, rings, or tabs may work best.