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4 Cheap Ways to Prevent Splashing in Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are supposed to be designed in a such a way that they can cope with moisture and splashing, but excessive wetness leads to problems. If your shower enclosure leaks or you have a bath that spills over from time to time, for instance, then your bathroom floor can really suffer and start to bow out. Equally, excessive moisture can lead to mildew that starts to make the grouting in between your tiles look unattractive. Read More 

Create a Warm Cosy Kitchen with Decorative Kitchen Curtains

Whether you have a warm country decor or a more modern design, kitchen curtains can tremendously add to the look and feel of your kitchen. Curtains come in many themes and colours, styles and shapes to fit your window size, decor theme, and personal taste. Curtains make the room pleasing to the eye while also blocking bright sun rays during the heat of the day. They also help block views from the outdoors day or night. Read More 

Increasing Your Home’s Safety and Security With Screens

Safety screens can be installed on your home's windows, so you can keep the windows open during the day without worrying about someone making their way inside the home. They can also be good if you have young, active children or pets who may actually push on window screens, as safety screens are not going to simply pop out of place. However, along with windows and exterior doors, you might consider some areas inside the home that could benefit from the installation of security screens as well. Read More 

Make Choosing Your New Carpets Simple With These 3 Tips

With the increasing popularity of hard flooring varieties, carpet isn't as widely used throughout the home as it once was. However, for rooms such as the living room or bedroom, carpet underfoot is a warm, luxurious and attractive floor cover. If you're considering replacing hard flooring with carpet in one or more rooms in your home, then you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the vast range of choices that are available on today's market. Read More 

3 Stylish Outdoor Blinds To Consider For Your Outdoor Living Space

Whether you have a large deck or a compact balcony, your outdoor living space is probably an important and frequently used area of your home. Australians tend to treat their outdoor living spaces as an extra room in the home, and creating a comfortable and attractive environment is something that is given a lot of time and consideration. A popular addition to a deck or balcony is outdoor blinds. They serve many of the same functions as interior blinds and help to create shade, privacy and the right look for the space. Read More