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Add Some Bling To Your Boudoir With These 4 Metallic Interior Design Ideas

Metallics are a hugely popular look in contemporary interior design. They add some glitz and glamour to a room and create an opulent and dazzling look that livens up the space. If you'd like to introduce some metallics into your bedroom, you may be wondering how to best go about it. Here are four easy and inexpensive ways to add some metallic bling to your boudoir. 1. Metallic blinds Blinds are a popular choice in the bedroom because they're streamlined, low maintenance and provide plenty of light and privacy control. Read More 

3 Easy And Cost-Effective Ways To Give Your Dining Room A Makeover

For people who love family dinners or entertaining guests,  the dining room is probably an important space in your home. If your dining room hasn't been given any attention on the interior design front for a while, then you may be considering giving it a face lift. Even if you don't have a huge budget, it's easy to transform your dining room from dull and dated to attractive and modern with a few simple design ideas. Read More 

3 Design ideas To Make Your New Conservatory A More Beautiful And Comfortable Living Space

Conservatories have been a popular feature in European homes for many years. They provide extra living space while still enabling you to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors. They make a wonderful place to spend time during the colder months when going outside isn't a pleasant option and act as a suntrap to capture the warming rays of the winter sun. Here are three additions you might like to include in your conservatory design to make it a more comfortable and beautiful space. Read More 

4 Questions to Consider When Adding External Shutters to a Building

External shutters go on the outside of a home or building, and they come in a range of styles. If you are currently building a block of apartments with balconies or if you are making updates to an existing apartment block, you may want to consider balcony shutters in particular. Here are some of the questions you need to consider while honing in on the right shutters for your building. Read More 

Ways Electroplating Can Benefit Your Home Restoration Project

When you start a home renovation project, you may not be thinking of electroplating as part of that renovation. The truth is, there are several areas of your home renovation that may seem small,  but with electroplating can transform the total look of the room. Here are a few of those spots and how electroplating can be used in those spots.  Keep in mind, most of these can be done by an electroplating contractor so a consultation may be required to determine what they can do for you and your specific restoration project. Read More